Kuala Lumpur

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We have really enjoyed our time in Malaysia, it is a really interesting blend of modern vs old, east meets west, organised and crazy Asian madness.  There are road rules (something we had almost forgotten existed after Indonesia), traffic lights, fast internet, ancient temples, crumbling buildings, people fasting for Ramadan, and people eating themselves silly.  The multi-cultural society has been fascinating to watch and be a part of.  Kuala Lumpur itself hasn’t really inspired us – we didn’t really expect it to though and that’s why we’re only here for a day (unavoidable due to train and flight times).  Petronas Towers are really impressive – more so than we thought they’d be, and the public transport is abysmal.  We did manage to pick an awesome little hotel though and overall KL wasn’t a bad place to spend a day.  Although we haven’t seen much of Malaysia (yet), it seems to be a really good balance of mod-cons, and slow-paced chilling out.  We’re definitely looking forward to next time we’re here and exploring a bit more.