Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay throroughly exceeded our expectations.  Everyone has seen pictures of Halong before and so everyone knows what they will see.  What can’t be anticipated though, is the pristine beauty in the serene silence – the majestic setting is just something pictures cannot capture.

Kayaking around the bay by ourselves and watching the sunset was one of our best experiences to date.  Every direction we could see was just karsts, calm water, the ever changing sky, and just the two of us.  It was so amazing and we’d do it again in a heartbeat!

We swam in the lovely warm water in the bay, visited the largest cave and walked up high on the island to look down over the bay, and had some fantastic food onboard our boat.  We got up to see the sunrise and were just in awe of the beauty for the entire days we were there.

All in all this was an utterly fantastic experience and no words can really describe how amazing it was, so here are a few photos which don’t do Ha Long Bay justice.  If you get the chance, you really should see this place.