Final thoughts leaving Laos

The last post was written before our final night in town.  We were both so touched to receive gifts from Thong and his wife and had a long night in discussions with them.

We realised that we need to come back to this amazing town.  We are able to make such a difference here and it’s so exciting to think what is possible.  We have agreed with Thong to come back and help his business and also help him start new businesses.

Thong’s wife spent 3 days hand weaving/stitching a beautiful bag for us which is just amazing.  The Lao’s are such beautiful people and we want to experience more of this awesome country.  In particular we want to help Luang Namtha and Thong’s family.

So our plan now is to spend another few months travelling and building up some more capital so that we can go back to northern Laos and really make a difference in this place.  Watch this space.