Stanley Park and Chinatown

Today we spent most of the day around the waterfront and Stanley Park.  We really loved Stanley Park and were stoked to see a Racoon and two different kinds of squirrels.

Canada place.JPG

Initially we walked around the start of the sea wall and then went into the more touristy part of the park, before crossing the road and going into the forest and around beaver lake (where we didn’t see any beavers but saw some trees they had gnawed down) and then coming back out on the other side at the sea wall again. It’s a perfect time of year see all the trees covered in beautiful flowers so we are really lucky to be here now.

Stanley park.JPG

We finished up the day in Chinatown with some yummy (and sometimes un-identifiable) food.  Our photos are here.

Andy and Steph

Good to see you’re having such a good time and that you found some elk meat already! you’re making steph very homesick. we miss you guys.


Hi Andrej and Karen
It looks like you’re having a great time! You’re making me think about planning a holiday to Canada. Take care