Quebec City


We loved Quebec City!  A lot of our time in Quebec was all about views of and from the Frontenac.  When we read that it dominates the city, we didn’t realise just how much until we got here.  You can hardly walk or look anywhere without the beautiful and imposing Frontenac taking your breath away.  We did also get out and do some other stuff too though;  We went to the Shrine of St Anne, a supposed site for miracle healings, and it was a very pretty cathedral, we also did a cruise on the St Lawrence river, went to the Montmonrency falls and went to a Quebecois sugar shack.  The cruise was a really nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon, and we both really enjoyed it.  The sugar shack was a really interesting experience where we ate traditional Quebecois food like Pea soup, potatoes in gravy, salad, all with maple syrup on them!  It was surprisingly good and the real stuff is quite smoky in flavour and not just sweet.  We also learned to play the spoons and did some Quebecois dancing.  And we finished off with some maple taffy, poured freshly onto some snow.  Yum.  We also spent a lot of time wandering Quebec City’s gorgeous streets, it really has quite a European feel about it and the people there seem very passionate about everything.  Overall we had a ball here and wished that we could stay longer.  Our photos are here (a slightly Frontenac obsessed album!).



Hey guys. Some great pics especially of the animal farm and the night shots of the city. Dre get the house on the island set up for when Lina and I get over there, and make sure some local coldies are in the fridge. Keep up the good work.