banff view.JPG

We’ve had the past couple of days in Banff.  There have been two main highlights; we took a scenic helicopter flight over Spray Valley and it was magnificent, and also the view from our room over the Bow Valley and Mountains.  On our way here we stopped at a couple of places, to see the Bow Falls, Castle Mountain, the Spiral Tunnels (built for trains to go through, 6km long, and you can sometimes see the end of the train still going into one end of the tunnel when the front is coming out the other end), saw another black bear, and also a view of Banff Springs hotel, the ‘castle’ in the mountains.  On our first morning we had an awesome sunrise right in front of our window, with the sun sparkling on the bow river, then we went for our helicopter flight.  It was really cool to be close to the mountain tops, see the thick snow on the trees high up, and generally get expansive views that you can’t get any other way.  We also went up Sulphur Mountain for the views up there, again beautiful and this time overlooking Cascade Mountain and the valley below.  There is still lots of snow around and today we did a bush walk and got snowed on again, yay!  A fun town and last night we went to the Rose and Crown for dinner and drinks to see where Soph used to work, cool place Soph!  We also saw heaps of Elk – yippee! Our photos are here.

banff flight.JPG



Ahhh Canada. Takes me back for sure. You guys seem to be having an awesome time hey! That first photo captures Banff and Alberta perfectly!! Can’t wait to hear the tales…