Dre’s mum and Kate’s visit

A couple of days before Dre’s mum and Kate arrived Sting payed us a visit by anchoring his boat just outside our house, pretty cool to see, he even had a helicopter on board! Apparently it wasn’t his own boat, just one that he hired for a mere $13,000 per day for the priviledge of being in Sydney Harbour for the new year.


When Jillian and Kate arrived, we had plently of visits from our feathered friends, they love coming up here for a feed.


One of the highlights was the amazing sunsets we got while they were here, this one made the whole harbour go pink which was really cool to see.


The main highlight of their trip though was going to see Billy Elliott the Musical.  It was staged in the Capitol Theatre, Sydney’s oldest heritage theatre and thoroughly exceeded our expectations.  It was definitely the coolest show we have ever seen – we definitely recommend you see it – it is so worthwhile.  It was a perfect way to celebrate Jillians birthday and their final night in Sydney.