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Our first day in Wanaka we did a massive maze which took over an hour to complete, and went into the illusionist buildings with excellent holographic art and optical illusions.  It was actually really fun.  The next day we did 2 long walks, one up Mt Iron with amazing views over Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps.  That one had good views but the walk itself wasn’t anything special, and the icy wind didn’t help.  The next walk we did now takes first place for the coolest walks we’ve done so far, we climbed Mt Roy up to the Rob Roy Glacier, it was 20kms and very very very hard work to get up there, but it was so magnificent when we finally did.  The beautiful blue-white glacier, the snowy mountain peaks around it and the blue glacial stream were absolutely beautiful.  We drank lots of water out of the stream, it was so good.  We didn’t have much to time to stand around and admire it for too long, as we left it a bit late to set out on the walk so had to get back to the car before it got dark.  The road to and from the walk was about an hour and a half, with over an hour on a rough gravel road where we had to cross about 10 Fords.  Most of them we actually had to drive across arms of the river bed with deep-ish water flowing through them, and also about 15 cattle stops, so Dre reckons he has officially driven our car off-road now.  When we got back to Wanaka we were both so knackered we could hardly walk, and we had the best dinner we have had in the whole trip, we were so hungry that we both ate 3 big courses with side dishes. YUM.  It was the best food we’ve had in ages.  You can see our photos of the glacier and walks here.

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