The 2 Queen ships cruise into Sydney Harbour

It’s times like this that we REALLY appreciate living in this amazing city, and being able to see the harbour.  When Queen Mary 2 cruised into the harbour we really couldn’t believe how absolutely huge she is!!  Our buddies Debbie and Charlie who live above us were even kind enough to invite us up onto their balcony so that we got a better view.  Wow, we were so glad we got out of bed in the wee hours to see this, it was so impressive and a wonderful start to the day.

Queen Mary 2a.jpg

When the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruised in, it was kind of an anti-climax, after seeing the Queen Mary 2, which is about double it’s size.  And the fireworks display in the evening to celebrate the 2 ships meeting in Sydney Harbour were amazing, we thought maybe even better than the New Years Eve fireworks (except not as many fireworks going at once).

To view all of our ship and fireworks photos click here.  There are some beautiful very early morning (ie, total darkness) ones of the Queen Mary 2 so have a look if you are interested.