Papatowai and the Catlins

After we left Dunedin we began driving around the Catlins. We stopped at the famous Purakanui Falls, one of The Catlins main attractions.  It is really big and beautiful.

Picture 254.jpg

We also did a walk to a tunnel which was hand-dug out of the hillside, which Dre walked right to the other end to in the dark, and went to Nugget Point, where we saw some more seals, sea lions, and a massive chasm.  The scenery here is really rugged and amazing, it does live up to expectations.  We then decided to find somewhere to stay and came to the next town Papatowai.  Papatowai has 2 motels and one shop which sells everything from petrol to groceries and alcohol, takeaways, you name it.  We called into the shop (which also runs the main motel) and they said that their rooms were full for the night but they had a cottage down the road we could stay in.  We accepted and were blown away by how lucky we are!!!  We are staying in a gorgeous, renovated cottage with the best view in Papatowai, a view of the entire beach, forest and rock cliffs behind it, it is so spectacular and even better than the attractions we have seen.

Picture 332.jpg

So we are staying in this lovely place for $85 per night, an entire cottage which sleeps 10!  It is so lovely here that we have decided to stay another night.  Our photos can be viewed here.