Milford Sound

Yesterday we did a cruise on Milford Sound.  We were very lucky that it’s been pouring with rain for the past week, and the night before we went there was a massive storm and it bucketed down.  This meant that as well as the massive main waterfalls, there were about 1000 smaller waterfalls, making it an amazing sight to see.  We were lucky as it kept raining right up until we walked onto the boat and then stopped only after the boat left.  All of our photos can be seen here.  The massive waterfalls were really impressive, pumping out masses of water after the rain.  We even saw a little water spout starting, it was very cool.  The wind was so strong it was pushing the water on a lot of the waterfalls upwards or sideways, so that it almost looked like smoke.  You can see this if you click though to our photos.  It meant that the big waterfalls were falling downwards, the medium ones were sideways and the small ones were going upwards – wow, what a sight to see.  We chose a small boat so that we could go right under the waterfalls, needless to say we got wet, but it was so worth it.  Probably the coolest thing we’ve seen so far.

Picture 487.jpg