Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs

Yesterday we stopped at Kaikoura, for both a freshly cooked crayfish (yum yum!) and to see all the seals.  There were quite a few seals laying around and a couple fighting, and the surf was massive and angrily smashing against the rocks, (but not the seals) so it was a cool and dramatic backdrop.  Click here for our photos of the seals at Kaikoura and drive to Hanmer Springs.

Picture 193.jpg Picture 200.jpg

We then continued on to Hanmer Springs, where we spent the afternoon soaking in the thermal waters.  We tried to spend most of our time in the various mineral pools to get the supposed healing properties, but overall it was just nice to be really warm again.  There are about 10 different pools at different temperatures and with different mineral content, so it was nice to go from pool to pool and sometimes the freezing air outside the water was even welcome as some of them were so hot (41 degrees C).

Today we are going through Lewis Pass and will stop at one of the other springs on the way for another relaxing soak (probably the Maruia Springs) and then will stay with Dre’s uncle Rob for a night or two near Greymouth/Punakaiki.