Fox Glacier and Lake Matheson

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Today we walked up to Fox Glacier and got within about 50 metres of it.  We were suitably impressed – it was all blue-green, jagged, and huge.  When you are right at the bottom of it, it appears dirty, but it’s not it’s just some rocks that the glacier is bringing down with it that gives it that appearance.  You can see that further up it is really white/blue/green and pristine.  After that we drove to Lake Matheson to see the reflection of Mt Cook in the brown lake.  The lake is brown because the tannins leach out of the beech leaves and so it looks like tea.  It was an amazing walk with moss and lichen covering every surface imaginable.  Most of Mt Cook was covered in cloud so we couldn’t actually see much of it, but still got a good idea of how cool it must look on a clear day.  Click here to view our photos.

Lake Matheson.jpg