Almighty Absinthe

At 70% alcohol, this stuff is only legal to purchase in it’s country of origin, Czech Republic.  We got our bottle when we were in Prague last year, and can report that yes, it’s pretty lethal! The traditional way to have this, er, delicacy, is to light it on fire, and then put a teaspoon of sugar on top to melt, and then stir the sugar in and shoot it back.  This is Dre and Ben stepping up to the Absinth challenge.

DSC03226.jpg   DSC03225.jpg


What brand was that? It looks like a Trul Absinthium 1792? How did you like it? I assume from the title \”Almighty Absinthe\” that it was good ;-)


Correct on the brand there my astute affectionado!
It was pretty intense but actually taste quite good. Just got to remember not to breath for 5 seconds after so you dont choke on the vapour!
Good way to sterilise your insides too…