Home again

After Barcelona we spent half a day in London with Carl and Tori, which was really nice.  They even made us a yummy dinner and came on the tube back to the airport with us.  We were really impressed by Carl and Tori’s apartment, it was spacious and nice, not what you really expect in London.  They have an awesome view over south London, with lots of trees and a massive park, they have certainly found a good spot.

Our journey home seemed like quite a marathon, starting with on Sunday morning with a bus to Barcelona airport, a plane to London Luton, a bus to the train station, a train to London, the tube to meet Carl and Tori, a bus to their house, a bus back to the tube, the tube to Heathrow, a plane to Dubai, a plane to Sydney, the train from the airport to the city and then the ferry to home.  Phew.  But it was so lovely to get on the ferry, at 8am Tuesday morning, and sit right at the front with the sun on the water, looking at the Opera House and the Bridge, it was a lovely clear typical warm Sydney morning.  And the weather even welcomed us home, by hitting 31 degrees.  We got home and thought what an amazing city we live in, we have a lovely view of the city and the harbour, the weather is great, our apartment is nice and breezy, perfect for the coming summer.  We are really looking forward to this summer in Sydney, hopefully we won’t melt quite as much as last summer, I guess we’ll see.  If you haven’t planned a visit over this way yet, do so, this place is awesome!  We loved Europe, and we will be back again, but right now our hearts are in Sydney.