Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia is the most famous Gaudi building, and the most famous building in Barcelona.  Gaudi devoted the last 40 years of his life to this building, and it is still not complete.  There is lots of construction going on, and they hope to finish it this century!  It is that massive.  The building is very impressive and these 4 spires are the most iconic and well known.  Although we liked Casa Batllo more than this building, there is no doubt that this is definitely the most original building we have ever been in.  It is amazing and the size is just mind blowing.  We queued to go up to the top, for over an hour, and it was worth it.  The views from the hundreds of windows on the way down the stairs (you can only go up by lift but can come down by stairs) are so amazing and unique.  The building is again, as with all Gaudi buildings, inspired by nature, so everything in here is representative of something in nature, including trees, shells, fruit, I’m sure the list goes on.  The most amazing thing about this, is that Gaudi did not even draw it before he began to make it.  He designed a smaller model showing what it would look like, and then began building the real building just working from the model and his imagination.  The photo below shows the pillars and the ceiling, inspired by looking up through tree branches and leave to the dappled sunlight.  If you click on no other links, please click on the one below and the Casa Batllo one, as these 2 buildings are too good to be missed.  You will be inspired to visit Barcelona when you see all of the pictures of these buildings.


To see more photos of Sagrada Familia, please click on the link below and then the yellow button ‘View Slideshow’.

Karen and Dre’s Sagrada Familia Photos