Christmas Day


This is Nick and Amber, our mates who we originally planned to spend Christmas Day with…. by the time Christmas rolled around, we had all invited a few other friends, so we ended up with a gathering of 13 friends.  It was really good because it rained on Xmas eve, so it scared most Sydney people into other Xmas plans, and so the beach wasn’t that busy (even though Christmas Day turned out beautiful and sunny).  We went around to Shelley Beach and looked back at Manly Beach all day.  (Shelley Beach is about a further 5 minute walk for us, from Manly Beach).  We had a few swims throughout the day, and Secret Santa was kind to us both, Karen got wine and chocolate (yum) and Dre got a Lilo so we all floated around on the Lilo for half the day.  After we’d all had enough sun, we retired to Nick and Ambers rooftop to have some more drinks, and then came home for a Christmas Pizza. (?)

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Merry Christmas!